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Friday, June 8, 2012

Tulsa Quilt Show

This weekend is the Tulsa Quilt Show and I helped my friend Pam at her booth. I have so much fun I can not really say it's work even thou you are on your feet for 7 hours, no time for lunch and have to be mentally alert (now that's work & sometime a challenge).
But usually at the end of the show you have time to see the quilts and check out the other vendors.
I have so much and so many projects to do that I try to find the unusual. and this time I did. The most beautiful crafted woodwork. I love wood and 
this man had items made from  commonly seen wood but also had pieces from rarely used and unusual wood. This is what I came home with.

Shaker style basket

Two shaker boxes and a seam ripper

When not being used the point is inside the handle

This is with cutter out, the handle is butter in my hand.

Had a large selection.

Wish list item

He also had other beautifully crafted bowls and plates.
If you are going to be at the Tulsa Show tomorrow check him out. His name is Paul Creech and his business is called Wood Art by Creech from Bartleville, OK.  If interested in his work and would like to know more you can contact him by email. pdcreech@cableone.net
(FYI, I usually don't do things like this but I was so impressed with his work. I am not receiving a thing for doing this)

Now time for a couple of quilts
Michele Hill pattern made by Pam Ingle

Forgot to get the maker, I'll look tomorrow

Hand Quilted  and made by Katherine Shives
I'll be getting more tomorrow
Till then


  1. The wood products are fabulous! I would rip seams all day long with that ripper! Beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing!


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