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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just a minute

That's all I feel like a have left in me this evening. Up at 6:30, just like if I was home but I when to  bed late last night thou. We unloaded the van and had the booth set up by 2:00, thinking we were done and I figure we goof off a little after I changed rooms. The room I was in just had a few issues. One, the light next to the bed when out, I mean totally out, broken. The toilet also wasn't the best flusher. New room is better than other one but I need to remind myself we are not at the Hyatt. 
Anyway back to my story, no goofing off, the show had a sneak peek from 7 - 9 pm. So needless to say we went back after dinner and worked for a couple of hours. Needed to hit the store before going back to the room. Did that and when back in my room I took my shower and now it's my time for bed but I said I would write something daily.
So I did

Good Night

 I found this picture and could believe this was not taken by me. Because it looks just like my cat Buddy and one of "the girls"
So sweet
Till next time


  1. Gten some rest sand good luck with your sales! Cute picture :)

  2. I need to wake up more before I comment evidently!

  3. Wow what a cute picture, hope your sales went well.


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