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Monday, June 11, 2012

What's Up Monday

Well a lot has happen since last Monday and it looks like a lot will before next Monday. But before I jump ahead of myself I should stay focus here. You'll see I have a busy week ahead of me and that is all I can think of right now.

So this past week has been a good one, after 3 week in the NICU Ben got to go home

 Now him and brother Blake are back together. Sorry about all the Grandma pictures but I can't help myself. I'll try not to be one of those over zealous new Grandma. (Not working  is it)

Now back to what's up, I'm working on a couple of projects but neither one of them are sewing. I have a  crochet and knitting project to get done this week

1. Is a birthday present for my oldest daughter, (yes oldest)
It's a little purse pattern I found at Melinda's at Mocrochet
I'm half way done

2. Is knitting hats for the babies, so their mommy can get a picture of them wearing them.
I found this pattern on raverly
This is Little Chicken Baby Hat
by Irina Poludnenko

Cute isn't it.

Now these are my projects but the main thing for this week, is going to Minnesota for a show, it's the MQ 2012 Show in Rochester  If you are going to the show maybe you'll come by our booth and say Hi. I would love to meet you. Our booth is Studio 180 design - Sager Creek Quilts
So my poor "man of the place" is in charge again of the garden and chickens.
Now this brings me back to the things to do list from last week and how I did.
1. make BOM  done
2. Post 4 egg recipes - fell short, posted only one
Planned on more but we are going to get another steer butcher here next month and we need to use up as much as we can that is left in the freezer so we have room for the fresh one. Which means I was not adding many egg dishes
3. Finish weeding veggie beds - I have 2 beds left.
4. Plan what to plant next - Did get Okra in, but next is sweet potatoes, basil, lettuce, swiss chard
5. Write a post everyday. I missed yesterday (6 out of 7)
6. exercise everyday
7. Start chicken hats
8. Learn something new and have fun everyday- Oh ya, DID THAT!

I should of added the Hello Kitty purse.

So my new list

Lets see how do next week.
Tiil next time

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  1. OMG, I LOVE the chicken hat! I want one, but might look goofy on me :)

  2. Ben & Blake are adorable and I'm so glad they are both healthy enough to be home together. Now the real fun begins! Is there such a thing as an over zealous grandma? I think not!


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