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Monday, June 25, 2012

What's up Monday

This is what's up on my wall for me to work on this week, it's my Civil War Blocks from Barbara Brackman's blog she did last year. Need to finish quickly before the site goes down.

I'm home again and it seems like I have been saying that a lot these past few months. Beside telling myself I have so much  to catch up on. I was out in the veggie garden just feeling overwhelmed with the weeds doing so  much better than the veggies I have growing. I usually mulch very heavily but did not have the straw or the time to get it done between trips. That is why the weeds have over taken some of the beds.
There will be some gardening on my list for this week.
With the temp being in the triple digits this week I will only be able to spend a couple hours in the morning outside. I have been indoor way too much lately so I am just not use to this heat. What a woos.
I plan on trying to get my list shorten.
I did get a couple of the things from my last list done, which was two weeks ago.
1. I froze the green beans instead of canned.
2. Pack for trip. Too easy but you need have to some of those on your list just so you feell like you can get it done.
3. Post everyday. Again I fell short, part of it I was too busy and then got tired, second not hooked to wireless but did try my blogger app. Was a good back up
4. Exercise 4x during the week. I was very busy setting up and taking down but that doesn't count.
5. Finish Kitty Purse See how cute it turned out

6. Work on Chicken Hats. See how cute they turned out, next will be pictures of the boys wearing them

7. Pick the winner in Giveaway
8. Learn something new and have fun everyday day.
Not too bad, was able to do most of it.

So here is my new list  
(it should say civil not civel)
I have to confess this is a shorten version of the one on my clipboard, so I should have no excuse for not completing this one. 
Till next time


  1. My husband goes around the neighborhood after everyone rakes their leaves and pine straw, picks up the bags from the curb and brings it home to pile on his garden. He doesn't have to weed but the heat is taking a toll on the garden.
    I like the sampler.
    Mama Bear

  2. Kat, the purse and caps are so too cute. The heat can and does zap energy. I like what I see on your civil war project. Hope you get more done as you desire. Sandi

  3. Love the blocks, ADORE the hats! You're quite a wonder with fabric and yarn!


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