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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Made it to Minnesota

It took 12 hours but we finally made to Rochester, Minnesota. We had left Arkansas around 7:30 this morning and with many potty stops and a detour we're here.

Minnesota has a very pretty welcome marker.

 Before we reached Minnesota we stopped in Iowa (one of many) and realized we were in Madison County. You know, the place written in a novel called "The Bridges of Madison County", also a movie too.  So we saw this one on the way to Winterset. 

 This is the Court House for Madison County, there in Winterset. Does that town sound familiar, it is the birthplace of John Wayne. "The man of the place" is a big fan. 

But Winterset is also the place where Fons & Porter have their shop.
The staff are very friendly and helpful. Enjoyed the shop, and I found a kit that I was going to order a while back but at the time it was sold out.

But look they had one there sitting on the shelf calling me. I like the part in there magazine where they showcase a antique quilt from the International Quilt Study Museum. This quilt is a reproduction of one in the museums collection. At the shop we met Cindy, who is the one who sews a lot of the quilts and she talked about the making of this one, so informative.
It late and I need to sleep
Till next time 


  1. you were in Arkansas the state I live in! just driving through? Hope you enjoy Minnesota - that is the state I was born in and lived briefly.

  2. I'm also from Arkansas! Just happened to find your blog and enjoyed reading about your trip, especially about the sorghum molasses process. This is how my family made a living in the 40s and 50s so I know about that good syrup!

    Hope to read more in the future. I also hand quilt.


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