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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It is so good to be back home, except for one thing the little dudes are back in California.
They are so cute and will grow so much before I get to see them again, but my daughter promise to send me lots of pictures.

                  Blake                               Ben                                    

"The man of the place" did a great job keeping all the plants alive, in fact he did such a good job, the weeds in the veggie patch are something else. I have been working on cleaning them up.
Just see for yourself

In there somewhere.are the tomatoes I planted 6 weeks ago 

There they are 

He also did a great job keeping "the girls" happy. He had so many eggs to deal with, he ended up selling the eggs that I usually take care of. So I need to update my numbers. 

 Then I finally was able to pick up my new car
when I came back home. It has been a long wait. We order it back in February, and could not believe it took this long but I think it was well worth it. 

I little FYI  -  I haven't sewn anything on the machine in 6 weeks and I really need to sew. I have so much to get caught up on. So I'll just have to figure out what it is that needs to be done first and work from there.

Till next time,

Till next

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