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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life's Little Pleasures

This is my first Yarn Along and why I hadn't seen this sooner I just can't figure out. The concept is sharing with others two of some of my favorite things.  I have been sharing what I have made but not too much what I am working on or what I have been reading lately. 
So this is my latest knitting project now since I'm finish with the Chicken Hats and the Little Kitty Purse. I decided to start something for me. I'm trying the Color Affection Shawl by Veera Valimaki I saw on Raverly. There were so many beautiful combinations of colors they have pictures of, so I figured I couldn't go wrong. Easy-peasey.

Then as to what I've been reading, it's a book I have on my Kindle, its "The Feast Nearby" by Robin Mather. In the front page of the book is this written by her, "How I lost my job, buried a marriage, and found my way by keeping chickens, foraging, preserving, harvesting, and eating locally (all on forty dollars a week).
Doesn't that sound like something I would like.
It has been very interesting, I would recommend this one.
 (Took the picture from amazon)
Can't really see inside ;-)

Till next time
Have fun knitting and reading


  1. Welcome, I have so much fun looking at knit-candy, adding to project to do list and checking out all the wonderful book selections.
    Your book, yep, went on the list. :)

  2. One of my projects on the needs is a shawl for myself.

    I am also working on a Christmas Fairy for Friday. I hope to have it done by then so I can share the pattern.

    With All That I am
    Carie "The Handmade Homemaker"


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