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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day Two in Minnesota

We had a good day, lots of wonderful quilters attending the show 
 and came by our booth.
By the end of the day I was able to go around and view the quilts that are in the building we are in. There are 3 building with quilts and vendors
So I wanted to show you what I found, this pattern here ,

I love tree patterns, and I wanted to share some of the quilts that were in our building. I am doing a theme show, all relating to tree. 
A Quilter's Menagerie by Ann Fahl

Tall Pines by Sandi Irish

Autumn Leaves Aglow by Carolyn Jensen

Forgot to get name

Awesome Nature by Elsie Anderson
 And then I found this cute tunic pattern, I have been  in the mood to sew some clothing and this is one I want to make.

Till next time 

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  1. Árvore com cisne e garça juntos é a minha preferida.Faça esta bata,por favor.Beijo.


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