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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back to A Very Small Farm

 I had read this many years ago and since then I had reread it a couple of times. I love memoirs and biographies and in this book by  William Paul Winchester, he shares pages from his journal and his eloquent meditation on subsistence farming in the 1990's.

Amazon's Book Description

March 6, 2006
In the tradition of Thoreau’s Walden, William Paul Winchester offers a chronicle of everyday life on Southwind, his farm of twenty acres. As a subsistence farmer, he builds his own house and barn, puts in a garden and an orchard, acquires a milk cow, and takes up beekeeping. In these pages, we hear his thoughts on such subjects as the weather, seasonal changes, machinery repair, the flora and fauna of the region, and vegetarian cooking. His philosophy, like his lifestyle, is simple, yet profoundly wise.

After going through seed catalogs and getting my garden started I had an urge to read something inspiring about living closer to the way of life that is dependent on nature.
Old phrase "Back to Nature"
(Oh the 70's, how I miss them sometimes)

My socks that I started last week have gone so quickly. Seeing how I have only a few hours into them. I'm really liking this pattern and the next pair I think I would like the top portion to be a little longer but other than that they fit well and are comfy. (at least the one was)
Can't wait till they're done


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