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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekly Goal

Here it is week 11 already, can you believe that over 1/5th of the year has past. Just goes too quickly. My parents would and do say still now that after they turned fifty, time has just flew by. I think it starts earlier than that.

Last week goal of getting my garden planted is done, at least with what needed to be done now or I have. I am going to write more on this later this week with pictures. 
(as you can tell I love to use pictures)

So this week goal is to clean out this cabinet next to my sink. It's cluttered, has the wrong stuff in and I can put items in there I use more often and would just make more sense.

Poor use of space.

As you can see I have my cookbooks and vitamins in there.

Makeover is so needed.
This year I have been focusing on purging stuff I don't use or bought with the thoughts "WHAT WAS I THINKING"
This is one of those spots.

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  1. Week 12 already?! It still feels like January to me. Perhaps because it's so cold...
    I love making goals and then following through - it looks like you're doing really well with yours :o)


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