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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Refried Beans

I made some refried beans the other night and if you have had homemade you know how good they are and if you haven't you ought to give it a try. They are very easy to make.
1 cup dried pinto beans
3-4 Tbsp. bacon grease or lard (bacon grease does give it a great flavor)
1/4 chopped onions
cumin to taste

Start with cooking the beans until soft.
Drain and set aside.

 In a pan that's heavy enough to take the mashing of the beans, add the bacon grease and the onions and cook over a med heat until lightly brown.
 Add the beans a little at a time with  a little water and mash. Can use a masher or the back of a spoon. The heat can be low or off while mashing. Add seasonings to desired taste. But when completely mash turn heat on to low and stir and simmer until thickened.

I served mine with and egg dish called Migas,
recipe in here

Give it a try and if you do not want to cook beans from dried beans I don't know why you can't use canned.


  1. Love beans in all forms and I cook them all the time. That pot of beans goes through several tranformations over the course of a week ;)

  2. Yummie, i love refried beans. Thanks for the recipe.
    Wish you happy easter days


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