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Friday, March 22, 2013

So Sweet......

This is such a sweet story. Last Monday at a quilt group I belong to, at the end of the meeting there is always a time for show and tell. I look forward to see what everyone has been up too. We have such an eclectic group of talented ladies. A member named Sandy told as the story behind this quilt. 

(I hope I get this right Sandy)
While Sandy was visiting family she offered to make her young niece a quilt.
 Her niece went and drew a picture of the quilt she would like that included her in the bed with her cat.  

It included a short note; 
Hi aunt Sandy i just wanted to thank you for offering to make me a quilt.
Love Stella

But she also went a little further and painted a picture of the quilt.

I like the detail in the fabric strips. Polka dots, stars and stripes
So Sandy had a good idea of what her niece would like.
But then Sandy received an email with a picture of this quilt stated she like this one too

So Sandy got busy and finished Stella a very pretty representation of her drawing. And the quilting is fitting for a young lady.

And the label on the back was perfect.
Boy I wished I had an Aunt like that when I was young.
So special.
 Sandy is telling us the story here.



  1. Oh this quilt and it's story behind are sooo sweet! I would love such an aunt too. I can't sew and especially not a quilt, but this one is perfect! Have a nice weekend! Greetings from Germany!

  2. I am quilt talented less but I sure do admire those that have this terriific talent! SO beautiful and colorful. Have a good weekend!


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