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Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Slow Sunday

Today has been a very relaxing, slow Sunday. The weather has been cold, rainy and a just stay inside day. So the "Man of the Place" and I finished our taxes, boy what a relief. Then the wild turkeys that have been coming around the house for the past month decided that a few of them wanted to just hang out and do some preening on our fence.

Boy turkeys are big birds, I enjoy having them around to watch. You see I have a thing for turkeys besides eating turkey for Thanksgiving. I have a collection of Turkey Platters and a couple of Turkeys on the nest. They are not that easy to find in the antique shops around here. I've seen them on ebay but haven't bought any.
Any way back to my slow day, 
For dinner I made Navy Beans with Ham Hocks and Cornbread using the Buttermilk I made. It what I call
Now for what I've been working on today is the socks
I started this past Tuesday and I have to say for what little time I have spent knitting, they have gone quickly. 

I'm on the toes now and will probably start the other one this evening. 
So far so good!
This pattern and method will be a keeper.
Hope your Sunday was as relaxing as mine.

Now my Week 10 Stash Report

I was a bad girl, so bad.
I have such a weakness for blue and when I seen this I just didn't have the willpower to stay away.

It's Jo Morton's Blue Variety

Here goes,
No finished project to claim usage,
and 6.75 yards of yummy

Total numbers are on the left side.


  1. That fabric collection is so yummy!
    Some day I am going to learn to knit socks!
    Thanks for linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. Love the blues. Good numbers!

  3. Those blues are fabulous. I would have done the same. I need to start to learn how do knit socks since I'm seeing so many beautiful yarns lately. I love the colors in your sock.

  4. I too love turkeys. We hand-raised some when our girls were little and they made very nice pets. Many is the time I'd look up and see a girl run by the window with a turkey tucked under her arm! They used to take those birds on the swing and slide with them and never got pecked or scratched. The birds even used to roost on us when we went and sat down in the grass with them.

    Trying to resist blue and white fabrics is futile. :)


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