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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Slow Stitch Sunday plus some

I thought I would make this post one of a little of this and a little of that.
Well what should be first, I think I'll start with the stash report. Added 6 yards to go with the quilt I'm making for my daughter.
I did get a quilt bound this afternoon but I had  counted it already I believe so all I can show is a picture.
My total numbers are located on the side.

Besides doing the binding on this, for my slow stitching Sunday I am doing a little embroidery on the 30's row quilt.

Just a simple stem stitch will do the trick. I have 4 blocks to do.

Then there is March's NewFO.
I am starting a quilt for my daughter. She had emailed me a picture of a crib quilt but wanted it done as a queen size. The pattern was minimal and simplistic.
So on EQ I drafted it to be her size

The blocks will be rather large and the quilting will be done by hand in a big stitch quilting.
Here is the fabric she had picked out a few years back and the new background (under the folded pieces, bad pic) I just purchased

Here is was I did earlier, not much but its a start and really shouldn't take long to put together.


  1. What a gorgeous quilt you finished!
    The greens you are sewing next are really yummy!
    Thanks for linking up and sharing what you're working on.

  2. Wow, that's a great design. Love the greens and your finish is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up.

  3. The 30's row quilt looks like it is going to be such a fun quilt. Your daughter is sure to be happy with all the lovely greens!

  4. What a gorgeous bunch of green fabrics! That will be so pretty in that pattern.

  5. Great projects! I love your finished quilt.

  6. The cherry quilt caught my eye. I like!

  7. The quilt you bound is absolutely gorgeous !

  8. Nice projects. Sometimes simple and fast is great!


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