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Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Slow Sunday

I have to admit it didn't start out slow here. Yesterday while the "Man of the Place" was out checking the cattle he notice the calf that Joy (one of Snicker's offspring) had last weekend wasn't doing well. So we moved her and the calf from the pasture up to the corral to try to figure out what was going on. The calf looks like it hasn't eaten in a while so we check Joy's utter and milk. 

She looked as thou she hadn't nursed much and there was blood in her milk.  We decided to give the cow a shot of antibiotics and try to give the calf a bottle of milk replacement. 

The little thing barely got down 3 cups. By this time it was around 4 in the afternoon and we would just let the calf digest that bottle and we would check on her in the morning. 
Well wouldn't you know that this had to be the morning that cold front from the north finally made it with some snow. And the poor little calf had made no improvements, she was weaker. Had to take some more serious action and force fed by feeding tube some more milk and brought her into the house to warm up. 
Doesn't look good
She was just too cold and we are not set up with shelter for the cows out in the corral. It is a working corral for running the cattle through for shots and tagging, that sort of stuff. The barn has the heifers in it with no room to share. We really need to think about improving that corral a little, build a little shelter for times like this.
Now we are just waiting to see if the calf makes it. Doesn't look good but I hopping for the best.

The rest of my day has been putting around the house, baking bread and cookies. Cooking beans to make re-fried beans later. 
I have been going through my yarn and I'm about half way getting it listed in an inventory.
I will sewing for a while on the 30's plus the Stash Bee blocks for Feb. and March.
By then it should be dinner time and I can sit with the "Man of the Place" and do some piecework.  

Update ( 4 hours later)

She looks a little better but still not out of the woods yet.


  1. We had 10 calves born in the middle of a week of -23*F windchill. I had calves in my bathtub to warm them up.We lost 9 of them and two of the dairy cows died to. Winter and farm animals is a hard job.

  2. Such a sweet baby...hope she makes it! She needs a quilt to warm up!


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