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Saturday, August 8, 2015

1930's Farmers Wife Sampler

Last Tuesday was the 30's club at Sager Creek Quilt Shop and was the first meeting where we are starting  Laurie Aaron Hird's Farmers Wife 1930 Sampler and here is our fist 5 blocks

We had twice as many attending, then we had before and it was wonderful. 

The ones who's been attending this year were ready with their RSC15 blocks they made for the past months. 

This quilt is one of our past 30's quilt.
Eiko made it like just the pattern.
Very beautiful isn't it. 

Now I have finished mine and it is almost finished quilted but I changed it a little. Instead of the floral basket and went with a row of cottages.

I going to add clouds and I'm thinking of clumps of grass beneath the the houses and in-between.
Then it will be done.

I just love the look of hand quilting...... especially on the back.

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  1. So nice to combine your 30's Club with the RSC. I know you all must be having FUN. Good luck with INDIGO month!!

  2. What a great idea to do the Farmer's Wife quilt as a group. And what beautiful blocks you're all making!

  3. Wonderful quilt Kat and your handstitches are looking so good.

  4. Ohhh. That is stunning! The hand quilting on it is wonderful.

  5. BEAUTIFUL quilt! Love the little row of cottages : )


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