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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I would like to tell you about the invaders we have in the hen house. First of all we have had many invaders into the hen house. I have written about some on the blog and some were  prior to having a blog.
We have had snakes, rodents, possums, dogs, and even a Red tailed Hawk invade their house. And then there is what they've had to encounter while roaming around looking for bugs and such. We've had bobcats, coyotes, pack of dogs and a chicken hawk. 
Our latest invaders to the hen house are twofold. First we've had a groundhog that decided it needed to burrow it's house inside the hen house.

hard to see but it's in the far right corner

We tried to flush it out with water, which didn't work. So "the Man of the Place" shoveled the dirt back in the hole but it dug it out again. Haven't seen it myself. 
Then we had an invasion of raccoon's who pulled the chicken wire (that was securing an opening for ventilation) and got inside the house
That's raccoon actually killed one of my hens Sunday night. We did a temporary fix Monday evening and then I set some live traps around the hen house. 

Well Monday night we trapped one. So yesterday morning I drove it out to the lake to give it its new home.

I do not believe in harming them, I tried to relocate them.

So I set the traps again last night because we do not have time to give a proper repair job to the chicken wire till this weekend. So when I woke up this morning I had three raccoons in the live traps
So again I took what seems to be almost a daily trip to the lake to drop off raccoon's
Until we can get their chicken wire repaired, I will keep setting the traps. 
Heaven knows what I find tomorrow morning
Unfortunately now I'm down to only nine chickens

She was such a pretty hen and laid the darkest brown eggs


  1. What a shame, I didn't realise there were so many invaders when keeping chickens.

  2. Oh I don't know that I would be as kind as you with the invaders..............goodluck............

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear of your loss. She is a beauty. Good job trapping the invaders, hope you can get the henhouse repaired soon.

  4. Sorry you lost one! We too have a ground hog invading the chicken house right now - funny thing is, he (or she?) has also burrowed into the cellar of our REAL house this week! Yikes, live traps all around for me LOL.


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