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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dazed and confused

Today I am what you would say out of it. Yesterday afternoon I had 2 cups of caffeinated coffee (I normally don't do) which kept me up till 2 AM.
I get up at six with "The Man of the Place" every morning and like any other morning, was up at six this morning.
I need more than four hours of sleep. Without my normal amount of sleep, which is like seven hours, I just feel so out of it.
 Passed on any heavy gardening this morning.
  watered the seeds planted, water the potted plants on the porch, fed the birds and deadheaded some of my perennial. 

Added to that a day of mindless sewing.
Started a few spool block and worked on some strips sets

 Quilting on the 30's sampler some, I'm down to what I would call the last row.

But I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with the border. I've done mainly outline or in the ditch. I would love to get this one done within the next month or two. I'm such a slow quarter I can't get myself a time frame
And while quilting on my 30 sampler  got to thinking that this wasn't the only quilt I had started or was waiting to be quilted that's prepped already.

Then have my dancing kitty quilt already in a standing hoop, ready to be quilted

Then have a flannel and wool embroidered lap quilt, again ready to be quilted. If you take note, the date, made this 2008. That's only what seven years ago

Then I'm pretty much on the homestretch of my blue Rocky Road quilt.

 It is a challenge for me because my normal stitches are smaller than the one I was using or trying on this quilt and it's taking me longer to just do a bigger stitch. 

Go figure that out.   
You would think it be quicker. 

And then there's the 30's row quilt, 

wanting to quilt in some clouds and grass in the row of houses. then that one will be done
So when I think about it, I could have three quilts finished in a short amount of time comparable to starting a whole big one...., if I would just get to it.  

till next time


  1. I made the wool and flannel flower quilt and it took me 9 years to complete it. I could only hand quilt it in the winter because it was too heavy and hot to sit under. Slow and steady and you will get it done. My hubby says it is his favorite one I have made in 20 years because it is like art. :0) Hang in there and get some sleep.

  2. Hi! I found you over at the WIP Wednesday link up at freshly pieced. Hand quilting is so beautiful and the projects that you have going on... WOW! Amazing! Beautiful! Your space is so cozy - it just makes me want to sit back and explore. Thank you for your wonderful post. I'm excited to see more! Aloha.

  3. Your not the only one with WIPs predating 2010. You'll get there. I adore all the projects your working on and I love your hand quilting.

  4. Oh my goodness, such beautiful projects always such a joy to visit and enjoy a feast for the eyes.

  5. You have some beutiful quilts going. Your stitches are great too. Debbie

  6. Your quilts and quilting are beautiful. Love the ric rac with the houses. Thanks for sharing and hopefully you will be inspired to quilt a bit more today:)

  7. Your projects are all so beautiful!!!! I especially like the very first quilt, the colours are gorgeous! xx

  8. I just love looking over your quilts and quilting here, what a beautiful stash of WIPs you have in progress ;)

  9. Oh my hand quilting I admire you. Your quilts are gorgeous.

  10. Such pretty projects. That's a lot of hand stitching, but oh so worth it when they are finished.


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