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Monday, August 24, 2015

What's Up

Right now what's up on my design wall is a blank wall. I had taken everything down yesterday so I could put up my collections of rainbow scrap color blocks to see what it looks like with all the various colors I have already prepared.

These are what I have of the spool blocks.
Over the weekend we had a series of heavy thunderstorms with a lightning which blew out my modem and router.
Today I went down to the telephone company to get a new modem, because that's who provides the modem. Then I have to go to the store and buy a new router. Then I will be up again
But for now I am writing this through my blogger app on my iPhone.
Thank Goodness for that.
So before I went for my walk, I went to let the chickens out of the house and see how everything is. "The man of the place" had over the weekend put up some wire where the chicken wire was starting to deteriorate .

Had to fill in the hole again from the groundhog. 

In the process of checking inside, I stepped on top of the burrow that the groundhog had made and I sat down to my calf.
Picture below is where it happened, now filled in.

Scared the heck out of me, I was afraid something was going to be nipping at my ankle.
I guess that water that "The Man of the Place" used to try to flush the groundhog out, made his burrow in the ground surrounded it very soft and that is why I sunk into it
I didn't see any change this morning so hopefully that will remain the same from now on.
I haven't set any traps over the weekend after catching seven raccoon's in four day and I was kind of tired of driving back-and-forth to the lake.

But outside the chicken house in the mud I found fresh raccoon tracks. I guess I didn't get them all. 
So after I take care of the modem and router, my goal is to sew
Haven't decided what to put back up on the wall. I need to make some more strip sets for the red string quilt before I can proceed any farther with that one. Which will probably be something I'll do. But I finish the Curvy log cabin blocks for my RSC 15 quilt

I still have the baby blue, light green, and this month indigo to do.
All I was able to get done after sewing red ones up was to get the indigo cut and ready.  

Now that I'm done with the reds, I need to just put the pedal to the metal as I like to say and do the others.

Yesterday I canned 3 quarts and 6 pints of Lime pickles.
One of the quart jars didn't seal so I just had to put in the frig to use up first. That happens sometime.

Till next Time


  1. The spool blocks are beautiful such a mic of vibrant coloured fabrics that are stunning. I also love the mix of red fabrics together, you have such an eye for colour. The lime pickles looks great. Glad you were Ok after your fall into the hole.

  2. The spools are lots of fun. You can use up a lot of scraps with those. Love your red curvy log cabin blocks. Hope you get more time to stitch up a few more this week.


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