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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

High hopes

I love mornings, I look at it like a new start. Which it is, of course. But I just love that feeling.
I'm all for new chances. 
Anyway, I have walked out of the house with my new prescription glasses on. I'm still getting used to walking with them on, seeing how they are trifocals and I'm not used to that. In the past I would you use readers to do my sewing and reading and the rest of the time go without any type of glasses but now that I have cataracts that are forming and starting to affect my vision. I need glasses all the time now. But still after a month of having them I still don't like walking with them on, especially going downstairs.. I feel like I'm going to trip and fall. So while walking, I put them on top of my head and  enjoy my morning walk slightly blurry, but all the same wonderful
My morning walk give me a chance to put my day in perspective
While having my morning cup of coffee before my walk I usually make my thing to do list.
And then while walking I kind of put in order the thing to do on my list... how I want to approach my day.
And in most cases I have more things on my list then I can accomplish in one day, but at least I won't forget about them tomorrow.

After my walk I went out to the garden weeded another bed and dug up some more potatoes and planted some pea seeds which I hadn't been able to accomplish prior to this. I wasn't sure if right now would be a good time. A little risky but I'll give it a try. So far I have lettuce, beets, cabbage, three kinds of summer squash, radishes and collard greens planted. I still need to get the carrots.
After a showered it's on with the rest of my day as usual. I'll go  sew some then do a little cleaning, go back and sew some more, clean some more... you get the idea. 

My goal for today is to work on the strip sets for the red string quilt and work some on the indigo curvy log cabin blocks.

Last night after dinner while watching TV, I was able to get a little hand quilting in, and this is the section I'm working on now.

till next time

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  1. Seems like you take time to start your day off right. Hope you have more time for stitching this week.


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