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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Slow Sunday

I'm linking up with Kathy sharing what I'm slowly working on and I mean slowly.
I wish I could say I'm a fast quilter but that would be a fib. I love hand quilting, I love the calm process, I love the look and the softness of a hand quilted quilt.
Have made a little progress and could do better if I would just spend more time at it 

Finished this portion and now I'm working on this part

Bob is helping of course. 
I just think he wanted to photo bomb my pic.

Here is another angle.

Then while relocating the hoop I noticed this spot. Not sure when or how it happen. I don't even know what it is. I do not remember having a prick or cut while quilting. It could be a drop of coffee, that I have had. 

Not sure how to handle it. 
Should I try to remove now even thou I don't know long its been there or just wait.

And what should I use. As you can tell this is the first time I have had this happen to a quilt I'm working on.

Pretty naive... aren't I.
Believe it or not I've been quilting for 25 years.

I'll take any advise you can give.


  1. It looks like dried blood in the photo. I'd probably wait till the quilting is done, then rinse it with cold water. See what comes out. If you need to treat it, I've used the Oxyclean MaxForce Gel stick with really good results on blood stains, ink stains, coffee stains and grease stains on clothing. You rub in the gel before just before you wash it. I always let items air dry after washing to be sure I got the whole stain out. Once an item has been through the dryer, it's a lot harder to get the stain out. Oxyclean gel should be safe for cottons, I've not had any problem using it on any kind of shirt.

  2. beautiful quilt.......sorry no suggestions..........goodluck...........

  3. Its beautiful, such a shame it looks like blood. There is a Dr Johnsons range that is specifically for blood that may help, good luck with it.

  4. I would wait to clean the spot and treat before laundering! What a great quilt and your stitches are really bringing it alive! I agree very relaxing and enjoyable.

  5. I think too it looks like blood. I would try to remove it before you finish quilting, especially if the quilting is taking a long time. I would dab saturate it with water, then apply a dot of dish soap, just keep dabbing at it. It should come out. Of course, wash it then after you are finished quilting. I find the longer you leave a stain, the harder it is to remove. villacrestfarm@gmail.com
    Your quilt is so pretty, those 30's are so bright and colorful.

  6. Such a pretty quilt! The process takes a while (my first big project is in process since last November!) but is so relaxing when you are in the mood to quilt. Enjoy. Sorry about the stain - I'd try and dab it with a white cloth in some oxi-clean water to see if it comes up. Good luck.


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