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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Potato Harvest

It is meal like tonight is why I work so hard growing my own food. 
This morning the weather was perfect and I spent my time out in the garden. With the extreme heat and humidity before the quilt show last week I didn't feel right about starting the fall crops. I believe they would of just burned up, especially seeing how I wouldn't be around to tend to the seeds.
So I was out there prepping a bed to plant, when it dawned on me that I hadn't dug the potatoes up. Some of the plants are still green plants, I believe those to be the purple ones. But there were some that had died back I say a month ago and I knew if I didn't dig them up soon they would start sprouting and growing. 

Well sure enough as I was digging I came across a couple of new plants.
Had a thought.... I have never grown a fall crop of potatoes so I left those plant in the ground and even added some more dirt to give them a good start.

Will see what happens, It is the right time to plant.
Back to the meal... its roast beef hash. Nothing like fresh potatoes.
Those that I dug, equal up to 22 lbs. And that is just from 5 plants harvest, I believe I have at least 10 more to go.

I didn't get any sewing in today.
Needed to drop off at the lake another 2 raccoon's... Ric & Rac... that is what I ended up calling them.

Then it was shower and go to the Casino to meet my parents for lunch.
After that had to go by Wally World to get a few things and then to Lowes.

 And while at Lowes they were having a clearance sale on their plants, 75% off. I ended up getting some cactus to plant like I had seen at OSU Botanical Garden

I have this old satellite stand out in the yard, looks just like the ones they planted in, finially something I can do with that eye sore.
After that I had to go by the quilt shop and drop off next month Farmers Wife's blocks and pick up October's.
So by the time I got home it was time to think about dinner. 
Which was very good.
This evening I think I'll pick up my 30's Sampler to quilt on. 

the one on the left looks like Bob (with a tail thou) 

I also wanted to add is 
Could you please add Ex-President Jimmy Carter to your prayer. He is going through treatment for brain cancer and being a man of faith each of us can only strengthen his chance of healing. 


  1. More racoons, there certainly persistent little creatures. Impressive haul on the potatoes, so satisfying to be eating your own produce.

  2. We have a red and white kitty who we adore! Precious babies you have there.

    All I can say is ... you would run circles around me! Your schedule is always full. Love your potatoes there. I think we could learn a few things from you. Then took your friends, Ric and Rac on an outing. What a dear friend you are. hehehe Then you cooked those potatoes and will still have time to sew. I love your energy! You go girl!


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