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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New day

I had written a post yesterday with the intentions of cleaning it up and adding some photos, but my day was so busy I never got around to it. So it's a new day and I will start all over again.
I arrived home Sunday evening from the quilt show. I had a lot of fun, I enjoyed it, but from a vendor's point of view it was not a good show.
I was inspired by so many beautiful quilt and things I saw. Plus what the other vendors had in their booths, that I was ready to come home and just put the pedal to the metal.
But after being gone for almost a week, I had plenty to do around the house before I could get any sewing time.

What's up on my design wall is what I left up there from last week which is my red string quilt. I would've liked to of added a block or two yesterday but that didn't happen.

I  was out in the garden a little, I needed to pick veggies... seeing how no one had gone out there all week to pick. 

And I came back to a few zucchini and quite a few tomatoes and cucumbers. 
 I had a comment last week when I posted my zucchini recipes about how to made zucchini salsa, I think I'm going to try that this week
Then I had some unpacking, straightening up and errands to run in town..... and as the day progressed it seemed I was running out of more and more time to sew.
Had the Sears repairman coming out to work on the washer in the afternoon around 2:30 and did get the washer fixed. It had a filter that was plugging the water from coming in,
 and get this,
 there was a canning lid  stuck in the valve that drain the water out of the washer.

all's good now and did a couple loads yesterday after the repair man left.
So I got about an hour in of sewing, which I worked on one of the Farmer's wife 1930 sampler block. I'm paper piecing Blossom. I hope to finish the other two that are 30's club next month blocks. 

Last night I made for dinner zucchini pancakes. Another recipe to use those zucchinis up. 
Tonight I'm going to make chocolate chip zucchini cookies and send them to the grandsons tomorrow. While in Colorado I found some Thomas the train kaleidoscope for the boys,   so I'm going to send those with the cookies and then my daughter likes those a fill in puzzle book so I'll send her something too. 


  1. Hope you enjoy eating all those different zucchini things! How odd that a canning lid got into your washer, it is amazing where things get isn't it!!! xx

  2. Some great ideas for using up the zucchini, I am a great fan of ratatouille which also uses up the tomatoes it will freeze so is perfect for a taste of summer in the winter.


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