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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scrappy Saturaday

Was able to get these two blocks done to add to the spool blocks.

Need to do a little more but until then I will go ahead and share this at So Scrappy

Today I was able to spend time with my youngest daughter. We met in Tulsa and went to the Gilcrease Museum to see the showing of 
California Impressionism: Selections from The Irvine Museum

Granville Redmond
California Oaks
oil on canvas, 1910
30" x 42"

This was one of my favorites, 
but before I left I started the process of making Lime Pickles.

I had not known of Lime Pickles till I moved to Oklahoma. They are very easy to make and are pretty much fool proof.
Start with Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime, soak your cucumber slices in the lime water all day or night

Then you rinse, soak in ice water for a few hours and then the vinergar/spice brine overnight and then I'll can them tomorrow.

I finished this portion that was in the hoop and now on to another part.


  1. I've never heard of lime pickles, but they look yummy. Glad you made some rainbow progress too.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful week in INDIGO (and beyond.) Those Spool Blocks are TOO cute and those Lime Pickles look delicious!!

  3. Gilcrease is such a cool museum. I've never heard of lime pickles either, but there are few pickles that I don't like.

  4. Those spools are very realistic. Are you going to use them together with the indigo blocks?

  5. Loving that blue! I've used a pickle crisper, grape leaves, of black tea for crisping. A bit faster than that...

  6. All your indigo blocks look so good together. It will be fun to see what you end up doing with them.

  7. The indigo spools are wonderful. I've not heard of lime pickles before. Sound interesting.

  8. Your indigo blocks have a very rich color, nice. I started reading your blog going back, loved the antics of the raccoons. Sorry you did not at the time. I will be following you and your garden by email. By the way, my RSC15 post at place 12 works fine. Hope to see you there again.

  9. I have never come across lime pickles but they certainly sound delicious. You are always so busy I am in awe of how much you get done.

  10. Never heard of lime pickles. The sound delicious. Love those indigo prints. Beautiful hand quilting.

  11. Love that quilt in the hoop--lovely quilting and the colors look super...I have never had lime pickles either. they do sound yummy...hugs, Julierose


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