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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Farmers Wife and Road Trip

Before I left, yesterday I finished one of next month set of blocks for the 30's club
Here is April and was hoping to do another one but I needed to pick veggies and put them up. Had 20 lbs. of tomatoes to do.
Cleaned and packed my bag.
Downloaded a book to listen to, another Donis Casey's book.
Bringing some knitting and a new project of hand piecing.

Found this quilt at a antique shop a few years ago. Loved it but it was in pretty bad shape so I didn't purchase the quilt. After playing around on EQ, I came up with a pattern. Then some time after that I had seen a post on Tim's blog about a pattern he purchase that was published in 1929. It was the same pattern, called Tree of Temptation.
Have a few blocks cut out and I will work on those. 

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