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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Trip, Short Story

I'm feeling better and finding myself with more energy.
Didn't have a chance to write much while visiting my daughter and share the adventure I had getting to California.
Just want to say right now is that my parents and I are home safe and a little worn out but good.
Did worry about my parents seeing how they are in their 80's and this was quite a big change for them. They haven't taken their 35 ft fifth wheel out to California in 6 yrs now. I changed my arrangements so I could travel along with them and I'm glad I did.
Last month I met them at their house on Friday the 6th and headed out around 8:30 in the morning. Wanted to avoid traffic going through Tulsa. By the time we passed through Oklahoma City the wind started blowing steady and picking speed. Dad was getting tired of fighting the wind and we spent the night in Amarillo, Texas. Spent the night in an R.V. Park near the Cadillac Ranch

The next day was a windy one too, so we didn't make it as far as Dad wanted to. They almost lost the pipe for the sewer, I spotted it coming loose.
We spent the night outside of Albuquerque N.M. 
Sunday morning was nice, no wind but could have weather in Arizona. Hit a little rain and when in Flagstaff there was some winter weather. 

Had snow and coming fast. 

Dad did well handling the trailer but up ahead of us was a wreck that stop traffic for over 2 hours. 

Decided to stop in Williams, AZ. And boy did it get cold in the trailer that night, was hard to stay warm and sleep. Parents slept just fine. 
On we went, now it's Monday and was hoping to make it to near Bakersfield Ca.  But while diving through the Mojave Desert we had a blowout on the trailer. In the middle of nowhere, we were 70 miles east of Barstow Ca.  I will say that if you do not have AAA you ought to. I have it and they found someone in Barstow to come fix the tire on the fifth wheel even thou I wasn't driving it. Seeing how I was following them in my car was good enough for the company. I am so thankful for having it. 

Three hours later we were on our way but made it to a small place called Newberry Springs Ca. Not quite to Barstow. On the next day we went to Barstow to get tires for the fifth wheel and that is when my Dad found out that his credit card had been scammed. And someone had charged 500 dollars worth of gas in Winslow AZ.
By the time we were done dealing with tires and credit card company it was noon and we only made it to Fresno. 
Not far now from my brothers house in Brentwood.
We stopped everyday at Denny's to eat cause they also have good parking for trailers and mobile homes. But this day the Denny's we stopped at had those parking spots but were filled. Dad decided to park in an area of empty spots. While backing up some, he hit a parked car. Poor Dad. No one hurt, just pride. 
We did finally make it to my brothers house and glad to be there.
Our visit was good and we were ready to get back home.
The trip back went well, no problems with weather or trailer.
   Did have one bad thing and this was on the second day my mother broke her big toe. Hurt and gave her problems walking the rest of the trip.
Well there it is a short version.
With all of that it is a trip I am so glad I did and will always have good memories no matter all that went wrong. We all took it in good humor.



  1. I always enjoy keeping up with you through your blog even though I don't often comment. But this time I just have to say that I, too, am very glad you followed along behind on this trip with your parents. I am also glad that your cold is already getting better. Thanks for your blog.

  2. My goodness, it sounds like quite a journey! It also sounds as though it was good that you were there. We have AA car cover - only two A's! - and it is invaluable, you are right!

  3. Quite the journey, but all's well that ends well!

  4. glad you and your parents made it just fine even with the minor mishaps along the way. We do have a travel plan with ours although we have never had to use it so far - the plan covers towing the motorhome and takes care of any vehicle we have other than it. Unless your parents were thinking of doing other travel with the 5th wheel I think I would have encourage them to just drive out in a vehicle and leave the camper at home - seems it would have been less stressful - sometimes having a "motel on wheels" seems more trouble that it is worth.


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