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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Good Day

It was a good day to just stay inside with the A/C on, seeing how that even this morning it was already so humid, 80%, down right sticky and thick. 
After my coffee, I went out to open up the hen house so the girls could go do their thing. Beside letting them out and giving them scratch, I'll check the nesting boxes for eggs. All I could see was the golf balls I have in the nesting boxes. This is to fool the snakes so when they swallow one thinking it's an egg, it will become stuck inside them. An egg will collapse and be digested but not a golf ball so the effect of that is the snake will slither off and die somewhere. 

Well that is what I came across this morning, a black snake who had swallow an egg. 

Saw me and tried to escape the way it came in the box but as it was leaving in the space it enter in was now too small to pass through now, with that egg in it.

And there was no way I was going to grab that thing by the tail to get rid of it. I do not like snakes.
I had to leave it to find a way out on its own.

The girls did not care too much for that idea.

I spent a portion of my day making Farmers Wife blocks and was hoping to get the last set sewn but the fabric I was given wasn't enough so all I could do is cut what I had and wait till this evening at our 30's meeting and pick up the fabric needed.

Also yesterday I had finished knitting the Cat Cocoon so I went about felting it.
After two hot water washes and a few bouts of a hot dryer, its now felted.

Now it's not stiff enough to stay in a round shape and I believe I had read others saying the same thing but I think there are ways to make it that way. I just need to look it up

I haven't given a presentation in close to a year because Pam has been giving demonstration on how to  construct some of the Farmers Wife block using various techniques. She has  YouTube videos showing what she teaches each month. Even thou I've been quilting for over 30 years I still learn something each time. 
Here is a link to Pam's You Tube channel

So I talked about products we can buy now that were started in the 1930's.

Here is just some of what are still being product.

We had a couple of show and tells. Not that many this time.

Now it has been a good day, hope yours was too.


  1. Scary to have to find a snake in with your chickens! Not that it is good that they take the eggs, but I am glad they only do that not harm the chickens. Hope it is gone by now!

  2. Being a city girl, I'm definitely not fond of snakes. Glad you had a good day. It's certainly been hot enough, summer seems to have arrived.


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