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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What's Up 06.28.16

Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling good, so I got a late start on things. Didn't have a chance to show what was up on my design wall. So I'll share now what I have up on the wall.

I have all the units completed for the Metro Twist top. This is a Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern using their Quick Curve ruler. And it is a quick curve to assemble. 

I can do these units without any pins. That's the joy of it.

Now that I have all the units assembled now it's a matter of deciding placement of the units.

I like to put them up on the wall, and then take a picture. 

Then from the picture it give me a better perspective of balance of colored and contrast.

I try not to fuss around too much on this, I can drive myself nuts with it. Since its a donation quilt and will not be 
shown or judged in anyway, I'll go with what looks good. Not perfection
Sometimes you can't get something perfect anyway no matter how hard you try

I am dying to start something new that I have had in my projects box stack. So I drag this one out thinking that would be a good one to work on after I finish the Metro Twist
This pattern with in a Fon's and Porter Easy Quilts magazine back in Winter 2015.

And I found the fabric at a quilt shop that while during our bus trip this pass spring.

Love the color, love the texture of the fabric, and I love big sample they had also up on the wall. In fact that's what sold me. 

I hadn't seen this pattern because I get their other magazine but it just jumped out at the quilt shop.

Funny how the same pattern done in different fabric colors etc. can speak to you in another color wave

I put the live trap out last night to see if there with anymore cruise. I'm already relocated to raccoon fifth past week. And sure enough I have another one in the trap. It will join it ran out by the pump back.
And a plus is none of my pots were disturbed last night either.

This afternoon I go into the eye doctor to have a procedure to correct a slight astigmatism I have in my right eye. It's like a 30 minute procedure in the office, which will not put me out of commission for a reading, sewing, watching TV etc.
The corrective lenses that they implanted during or after my cataract were removed are wonderful. But I'm not quite 20/20 and that's because of the astigmatism. So after this the doctor insures me that I will have 20/20 vision. I can say I haven't had that since before my 40's.
I am loving this no wearing eyeglasses. I still on occasion with will reach up towards the top of my head as though I have my readers up there.


  1. I love the scrappy Metro Twist quilt it will look great for someone. I also was look at that same pattern when cleaning up my magazine stacks, I think it will look great with the fabric.

  2. Love all the fabrics for the birds of a feather quilt, so different. Looking forward to seeing how that works out. Hope all goes well with the procedure on your eye. Take care.

  3. Really like how your Metro Twist quilt is looking - I have only just used my QCR for the first time so really enjoying seeing other people's projects with it.

  4. Like Abigail above I'm also new to the QCR but love it's speed for cutting and as you say the curves are relatively easy. However now I have 90 odd of them to trim and having done a few I think that's where the challenge will be. Yours looks lovely and fresh - I'm sure in its new home it will be treasured.

  5. I hope that all goes well with your appointment. Your quilt looks lovely, I am sure it will be beautiful when it is all done!

  6. but that's how I feel very very summery colors nice job

  7. Metro Twist looks great. Enjoy your new project. I'm looking forward to seeing it come together.


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