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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Little Rambles

Went to Tulsa today to get my hair done, had it colored and cut. Looking good. Now I'm not a photogenic persons and most of my pictures turn out poorly but if I do get a descent one, I'll share. Did a few errands while I was in town by getting some potting soil and a couple new pots. 

I what to plant some veggies in containers on my back porch like I saw Mamma at mamas mercantile do here. That sounds like a good idea especially for the lettuce and things that I would use often in the kitchen. You see my garden is out there. Let's put it this way... it takes me five minutes to get to the garden back, so it would be a lot more convenient to have some veggies on the back porch. Plus it's getting me ready for my old-age when I can't be gardening like I do now and I'll just be container gardening.

I forgot to tell you about the snake yesterday. When I went into the hen house to let the girls out, there was no sign of the snake. It must of found a way to get out. Someday  I'll find a golf ball somewhere in the yard and will think what is that doing here. 

Didn't get any sewing in today but did work on the scarf while my hair was being colored. 

And this evening I'll be doing some quilting,

 also some wool appliquéing.


  1. Glad that the snake has left the building! A pot of lettuce close by is a great idea isn't it. Hope you had a lovely evening quilting!

  2. Thank you for mentioning my humble container garden, it certainly is an easier way to garden designed so that my husband would still be able to help when he has to be in his wheelchair. Love the wool applique, a real delight.

  3. My Guy does the container garden for peppers and herbs. We don't have good shade and it seems the summer sun burns up everything if we plant it in the yard.


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