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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Getting ready for the Fourth

Wanted to make a flag to put out as decoration last year but just didn't, can't remember why.
So yesterday while in Tulsa to pick up my car from "the man of the place" work. Tuesday after the procedure, which was easy, quick and all successful, I left my car there because he was my driver home. 
So while at his shop I spied some wood pallets. When he orders auto springs and such they are delivered on pallets. So he put the ones I picked put in his truck.
This morning I went to painting the pallet.

I taped spots that I did want painted, seeing how I'm using spray paint instead brush on paint.

First did the white.

Then the red

Then the blue.

Cut out a star stencil to use, the first one was a little too big so I made another smaller but still a little larger than the slat. OK still used it.

Turn out just fine and later on when "the man of the place" get home he can help me put it up.  
Our house sit a 1/4 mile from the road and because I want it to be seen by others and not just us, out it goes.

I'll show more tomorrow.


  1. Impressive. A great addition for your wonderful celebration.

  2. A very creative and quick flag. Very cool! Happy 4th!


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