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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Sewing

I have to say one thing about the hot temps is that  I'm fortunate to be able to stay inside with the A/C on, it gives me more time to spend on sewing.

 I was so tired last night to write that I'll show what I did yesterday and what I did today.
I like to say that I have spent very little time outside this week and what time I am, is all about supplying the plants with water.
After that I need a shower before I can do anything else. Have to wash all this sweat off, blasted humidity.
Today while out n the garden I picked the last of the cabbage, 

couple reds and one green.

I see sauerkraut in the near future.

Yesterday I finished the last block for month 13 of Farmers Wife 1930's Sampler 

While out yesterday I went by the quilt shop to drop them off. I like to take the completed blocks to the shop as soon as I finish them. Don't want to be responsible for them any longer than I need to.

When I came back home, decided to work on RSC for this month.
Using a pattern I've done before,

  Cityscapes by: Nancy Mahoney Port City

Its a free pattern and here is a link to it

Making mine smaller for a baby quilt, had most of the pieces cut out but ran out of one piece of fabric and needed to assemble some of the units before I know what steps to do next.

This is what I have so far.

But there are five 3 1/2 squares that need strips sewn on around the square and I have no more of the fabric. I audition this lighter solid but I think it stands out too much. So I thought about trying something I do on occasion.

That is to use the wrong side of a fabric.

Cut out a few strips and put them up on the wall to audition.

What do you think?

I think it will work just fine.

Now for today I worked on getting handouts, samples and quilts I've done together to take.
You see tomorrow I am teaching a class on using the Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Have what I need in the box ....... which I picked up at Costco the last time I went for a real descent price.

The pattern we'll be making is the Metro Twist

Image result for metro twist quilt

My sampler was done in blues

Picture is not very sharp, I pulled it off the web.

And these are a couple other quilts I made using Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns and Quick Curve Ruler.

So there it is, some useful days as they say on the Island of Sodor.

Linking to my quiltin fatuation


  1. You are making a great quilt, and I admire your skills at sewing the Farmer's wife blocks. It looks like you are going to teach a wonderful quilt design. Good luck!

  2. your cabbage looks great! We have had coleslaw with ours and friend cabbage. I think I have four more in the garden - mine are small heads and I will let them continue to grow as I use them up - it is too hot this summer isnt' it.

  3. Have you tried braised red cabbage with apple, that is one of our favourites. I could do with you living nearer to me so that you could teach me some of your skills. Have a great weekend.

  4. That's going to be a very cute baby quilt. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Hope your class went well.

  5. I am so curious! Love your Farmer's Wife blocks, but why are you dropping the blocks off at a quilt shop as soon as you've finished them? Do you work there, or are you contributing to a charity quilt? I have admired quilts made with that curved ruler but haven't seen it in person.


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