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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I have been home now for a little over a week and I can say I finally feel like things are back to normal. Funny how sometimes you need a space of time to get adjusted to your routine after being gone for so long. And one of my bad routines, maybe not bad but I could be utilizing my time better, is I will check my blog in the morning then check my blog list and I'll start reading and then before you know it I'm surfing the web and before you know it I have been on my iPad for over an hour. It's the time of the year that makes it a bad thing. Because if I need to be doing anything outside should be first thing in the morning when it's the coolest. And it's not saying much as far as being the coolest, kids right now it's 80° humidity is 85% and the dewpoint is like 75. It's like living in the tropics.

 I did braved the outside long enough to let the chickens out the henhouse and check on anything that needed to be harvest today like some blueberries, cabbage, and some greens.

My bounty today plus a couple of strawberries that the raccoons missed.

I planted the collard greens for my parents, they love them but I forgot to pick some Sunday for them and now I need to do something with them.
So tonight is greens with dinner and hopefully we'll like them.

Last night I did get the fabric I needed to finish the four blocks that are month 13 of The Farmers Wife 1930's, which I have been working on today. 

Three of the four are all or part done using paper piecing technique. It always seem to take me more time to do than others and I just can't rush through it because that is when I make mistakes.

Took a break from sewing to work on some hand quilting while watching some shows I recorded while I was gone.

Still have a bit to do.


  1. You certainly get some sewing done in a day. My strawberries never make it to the house either, my husband and the dog eat them.

  2. It is so easy to get distracted when you get on the computer isn't it!

  3. I have never planted cabbage before - this is the first year - the heads are getting tighter - when do you know they are ready to use? or do you just guess

  4. The humidity has been absolutely miserable lately. Usually we just get that dry heat that's like walking into a furnace. Love your paper pieced blocks. It's hard to get off once you get on the computer. I've learned to do what I have to do first and then sit down with the computer. Have a great weekend.


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