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Monday, June 20, 2016

What's Up 06.20.16

My what's up for today is twofold, what is up on my design wall and the other is what I was up to the past couple of days with my container veggie garden.
I know I can get obsess with something when my mind gets started on something new.

And that is with this garden on the porch. I know I have a large mess out in the big veggie patch. But I just do not find myself wanting to go out there and work that big space that needs a lot of work right now. But I do want fresh homegrown veggies. So after seeing what Mama did with hers, it just clicked. I've known about growing veggies in containers ever since I started gardening and I've even done a little bit in the past but for some reason the thought of the simplicity of just going out to my back porch, harvesting and taking care of vegetables sound so much more appealing than going out to the big garden daily.
Now I have a big garden for crops that need to grow in large quantities for canning and preserving. 

So what I plan on putting on the porch or what I have started on the porch will be basically just your daily eating type of vegetable. Like lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and things of that sort that you would need for a daily meal.

Besides veggies I've also invest a little in some already potted herbs oregano, sage, thyme and mint. I did plant some basil, chives and parsley by seed  

That's what I did over the weekend I planted eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, lettuce, kale and some flowers. Need to plant still some Swiss Chard, onions and garlic.

Besides the outside fun, I was able to finish the portion of "Words to Live By" that I had attached leaves to the background of the large block. 

So this  afternoon I added the cherries which I will try to get to tonight. 

Then I cut out the pieces for this months RSC, had this fabric already on hand so this month is a good stash buster for me and hopefully since I didn't get last month completed being done maybe sometime later this month I can get around to it.

I also did last month 365 circles which I have now sewn onto the fusible interfacing which now need to trim the circles and turn them inside out then will press them onto the background.

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  1. love the quilt block with the bird. I do some container gardening too and have all sorts of mints in pots and two tomato plants seeing as it didn't look like the tomato's in the garden would last real long - they are doing better now though than I thought they would

  2. I see you planned some kale.... How easy is it to grow?

  3. Once the weather turns some of the herbs can be brought into the house, I put them on the window sill and carry on using them all year round. The applique is a delight to see.

  4. Wow you have been so busy! Having homegrown herbs is so lovely isn't it, nice to be able to pick a handful of what you want as and when.

  5. You've been busy inside and out. Good luck with your RSC project. I'm still working on last month's too.


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