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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Oh The Humidity

I told myself this year while going to the boys in California during the month of May, I wasn't going to do much as far as a vegetable garden this year. That's because I would plant and weed like crazy before I left and then when I came home it would just be a jungle out there. I have gotten tired of coming home right when the humidity would kick in and try to work out in it. I'm not getting any younger and the humidity, it's not letting up either. But I cannot handle a jungle in my veggie patch. Literally it drives me nuts.
So that's what I've been doing in the morning, every morning since I've been back. I will go out to the veggie patch and work until I can't handle it anymore. After being in California with no humidity, I come back a wuss every time. It takes me at least a week to acclimate back.
Yesterday was the best day I've had so far this week, I lasted till 10:30. But not today I barely made an hour. With the humidity being around 70 to 75%, oh I about died out there.
So here are some before and after photos of this week. I can say that I did accomplish something, but it sure doesn't look like much. 

The Jungle

It is a jungle out there.

the tomato bed before and there are tomato plant in there.

Whoa La, lovely

I did get the tomatoes weeded, laid the soaker hose and mulched. Now they just need their cages put in place. 

Front bed sweet potatoes, one to the left potatoes.

I weeded the sweet potatoes and did loose a couple. 

and the white potatoes.

Also weeded and discarded some mature plants where the cabbage and the peppers are planted
But I have plenty more to do and I'm not going to sweat it. I'm just gonna do a little each morning and till I can get it completed. At least completed to my satisfaction.


  1. Weeds do grow so fast, turn your back and they are taller than your house!! haha and I agree I am not getting any younger and the humidity combined with being incredibly hot already in Iowa does not help the issue. the beds look very nice that you worked on.

  2. Amazing how quickly the weeds can take over. You certainly have been working hard and made a massive difference already. All the hard work will be rewarded when you are reaping your rewards. Take care.

  3. you have a much, much larger garden then I have and I totally understand - the humidity is horrible lately and I do not stay out long either. I have raised beds but no mulch in them so I water by hand from one bed to the next every other morning and hope for the best - next year I will try to mulch if I continue with veggies.

  4. It looks as though you have done loads and made a massive difference! Humidity is the worst isn't it!

  5. The humidity has been a bear this week. Take care. Your plan to do a little each day is very wise.


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