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Friday, June 17, 2016

Container Gardening

With my green thumb itching like crazy and just couldn't wait to start with the container garden. 

So this morning I sterilized the old containers on hand and brought out the new ones just purchased. Sterilized them with bleach water. It's a good idea to do this each time you re-use a pot.

Found two more feed tubs in the garden that are used to haul weeds out with, I like these because they are not as deep as most of the black ones out in the garden and plus they're not black. Another green one like the one already on  porch with my hydrangea in it. The orange one I think will do OK. 

 But I will spray paint the black one that I have been using already.

I got this color of paint. It says it supposed to stick to plastic, so we'll see. 

Think it looks pretty good after one coat, came close to the color of clay pots.

Finding, cleaning and drilling holes took a little bit this morning and by the time I was done with just that I was sweating like crazy. Had bought this potting soil yesterday while I was out running errands.

 Bought six bags, that's 6 ft.³ thinking that would be enough. But no it looks like I'll need to get at least six more bags since I have so many big tubs I'm trying to fill.

 This evening I'll go through my seeds to see what is here and if I need to purchase new seeds. I need to look for seeds that will do well in containers or are listed as compact. I'm looking to plant radishes, lettuce various types. kale. Parsley, cilantro, a few more herbs like basil and oregano. 

Have these volunteer tomatoes already in this pot and will divide up to put into bigger pots. 
Maybe some micro greens or Swiss chard. Actually when I think about it I can plant just about anything I want in them. 
Do that tomorrow


  1. I love that you have sprayed your pot such a good idea, I might smarten some of mine off they are looking a little tatty. I would love to keep in touch my email is mamasmercantile1@gmail.com. Spring onions are a great container product and a useful addition to salads.

  2. I hope everything grows well for you! Your sprayed pot looks good, much nicer than plain black!

  3. That's a lot of progress for one day.


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