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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Making Progress

Yesterdays class, Metro Twist, went very well and even thou it was a small group, it was for the best.... seeing how I hadn't done a class in ages, little rusty.

But from the ones who were there and we're able to sew, they made a block and learned all the tips I had.  One lady was given incorrect instructions on how to prep her fabric. But I had extra fabric and some cut out pieces that she was at least able to practice some assembling. That way when she got home she could start on hers.

But with her help this much was done on a future baby quilt.
On my way to another goal of having at least a dozen baby quilts to donate this year.

Today was able to finish the small blocks that I ran out of fabric on, 

and using the wrong side of this fabric work out perfectly. Not an  exact match but just fine.

Can you figure out which five squares I used the reverse fabric?
Need to add the border and all will be good with this top.
Yeah..... great to have this months RSC completed or will be tomorrow.

Beside sewing, did do a little gardening, on the porch.

Here are a few pictures but I want to say more but have to go cook dinner. Do so on the next babbles

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  1. I really like those blocks & sure that I would have enjoyed your class!
    Porch gardening is the best!

  2. Oh I want to make one of those curved quilts............

  3. The reverse side of the fabric worked perfectly. Always nice to remember that fabric is two sided after all.

  4. Congrats on your newly (nearly) completed quilt top!! Using the back side of the fabric was the perfect solution to your challenge. I always say that we PAY for both sides of the fabric, so we may as well USE both sides of the fabric!!!

  5. Good job with the class. I really like the way your plaid metro twist blocks are looking. You'll have a couple of terrific baby quilts to donate later on!

  6. Metro Twist is a fascinating pattern which I've never seen. Your students did well. Your baby quilt is so sweet. What a great goal making those quilts to give. Wish I had sun to grow Swiss chard.


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