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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Slow And Steady

Yeah isn't that the saying.... slow and steady steady and slow, that's how the turtle goes. 
Well I can pretty much say that's my philosophy too. Just stick it out and keep plugging along. 

So that's what I've been doing with the wool appliqué on this last block for "Words to Live By"

I'm at the halfway mark on it 

and today I finish pressing the pieces in place for the third-quarter of this block 

and I'll work on it tonight while watching TV and 

baking cookies to send to "the little dudes" tomorrow.

And earlier today I worked on putting the border for this month RSC challenge and it looks good. 

I was questioning whether or not to add these strips in addition to the white strip it's framed in. But that would make it a little bigger than I want. Right now it's already 46 x 33. I could also use those strips to put on the back I'm thinking something in order at  like a large log cabin block.

And I work for short time making a few more of the curve units for the Metro Twist that I started Friday.

This one should work out to be around 40 x 44. That's a good size baby quilt. I will not sure if I'll be putting a border around it. Could put a white background strips around the outside edge just enough to break it up when the binding on it. Will look good also with just  a white binding and leave it as it is.
The pattern calls for a outside strip along the edge just so you could break it up between the block in the binding. 
I'll decide by the time I get to that point which which one I want to do.
Had a pretty good Sunday I hope everyone else is having a good Sunday also.
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  1. You've been busy! Your wool applique is very nice!

  2. I love the wool applique, a stunning piece of work. You are certainly a busy lady.

  3. Nice wool applique...... Metro twist is looking great....

  4. Slow is my motto and the turtle is my totem. The wool applique is coming along great I love it.

  5. You've made good progress on a lot of fronts. Slow and steady works, as long as you don't get impatient with that approach. Have a very happy 4th!


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