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Monday, June 13, 2016

What's Up 06.13.16

I am embracing mine and keeping it close all day.

Made the decision today that my day is going to be focus on one thing and that is sewing. After being back home now for a week and hadn't sewn any, that it's about time. 

Working on blocks for Farmers Wife and have three completed and two more ready to paper piece. Oh boy my favorite way.
After those I still have Month 13 collection which is four blocks..

I'm wanting to hurry through these so I can get back to working on the ISPY quilts and a few other projects. Keep thinking about wanting to start something new but also feel reluctant cause there so many projects needing to be finished. My will power is fading quick thou.

OK...... back to the present.
was able to stitch done the quarter section yesterday, added another quarter section...well all but the berries. The berries can easily be jarred loose. 

Maybe that's what I'll do next along with circles, start on the HS triangles.

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  1. So nice to have a day to sew!! Enjoy. You have so many lovely things going on!!

  2. Oh, how funny, I cleaned Helga today--talk about lint!! changed the needle and rethreaded...she's now all ready to begin working on Cassidy's quilt....
    lovely applique work
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Love the applique project. We use store bought compost and top soil for all our containers and feed with a shop bought vegetable solution, hope that helps. They do seem to do well. I am hoping to get some sewing done today.

  4. Hope you got to enjoy your day in the sewing room. Very pretty block Farmer's blocks.

  5. Oh gosh you have so many great things underway!!

  6. Thanks for linking to Show and Tell Monday and your inspiration there today


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