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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bad Cows Revisited

I wanted to share another past post and one of my favorite memories.
I wrote this December 2011 and makes me laugh thinking back to when this happened. 
hope you get a giggle too.

Bad Cows

The " man of the place" decided that since our pasture are being grazed down and he is trying to stretch as much out of them as he can before we have to start putting out hay. He figure that for one last time  he was going to let them graze our house yard. Now this is not the first time and I had put up with his idea of  mowing. (past post) 
 That time it was just a few of the older cows, they are slow and not so curious. But this time it was the first time mothers (2yrs old)

Like last time I can put up with the spots of natural fertilizer, that goes away with rain and snow.

I will barely tolerate them pruning my monkey grass. It was looking good and would of all winter, but I tell myself it will grow back.

Then there is that phrase "they are worse than kids", well that is what young heifers are. Kids at least most of the time listen and are not 1200 lbs. of stubbornness.
This one found the broom on the porch and started eating it. I don't know how many times I had to take it away.

Then while in the sewing room I heard this terrible thud. Not sure what it was, I went outside to see what and this is what I found. The post on the front porch is just there laying. One of them knock it down. Luckily no damage to the house, just the post. Wait till "the man of the place" see this.

So I look around and as you can see one of the heifers is just looking so innocent, like saying "WHAT HAPPENED".
Ya right, can't fool me.
Now if this doesn't changes "the man of the place" mind about letting them graze the house yard, I know what will.

You see they are worst than kids, they just don't listen.

Till next time


  1. Thank you for the giggles. Though I'm sure you weren't amused at the time.


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