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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Class with Elsie Campbell

Just look at so many happy and smiling quilters   Photos by Pam at Sager Creek Quilt Shop
 I have been quilting for over 25 years but I still love taking classes. I always learn something new or reinforce something I have been doing.
I try to take classes from quilters I consider masters of their art. Elsie Campbell is one I would put in that category. I have taken classes from her before and never failed to go home being impressed and inspired.
Just look at some of these beauties she has done.
Doesn't she just beam. 

All done on her bernina.
Her quilts win many awards. For years Elsie quilts were hand quilted by her and just in the past few years she has being doing some of them on her own home machine. Just perfection.

This is one of her quilts she hand quilted. Love the colors. Reminds me of an antique quilt I've seen.

The class we took was based on a pattern in her new book.

We did the one one the cover.

You can see and read more about Elsie at


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