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Friday, July 1, 2011

Some good reads

I would like to share a couple of books that maybe you'll enjoy as much as I have. Books about women and their lives, whether they are living now or from the past are my favorite. I do read other types also but these two fit the first category.

This Organic Life was written by Dr. Joan Dye Gussow. It is memoir of her life and love for vegetable gardening. She added recipes to go along with the topic at the time. I have read this one twice and will again. Something about this book I find very interesting.

This other book is about Martha Skelton. She was a prolific quilter. It's a biography of her and her quilts. It has beautiful pictures of her quilts. Martha had made and hand quilted over 200 quilts. Last year her daughter Ann came to our quilt study group with a few quilts of her mother's. It was interesting to hear storys about her mom that were not in the book. I loved seeing her quilts in person. This book is very well written. I like how the author took you through her life and put the quilts she made during that time together. You see Martha's progression  from her first quilt to last one.

Hope you enjoy one or both of these.

Till next time

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