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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Latest Update

Posting again from the war room.
Reporting that there has been no attacks in the past 24 hours.  That is a good thing.
Sorry to report thou the hen house has been under attack from a different invader. The black snakes are back. I have lost 5 golf balls this week. And countless number of eggs. I probably have gotten only a dozen and a half eggs this week.
You know, I do not know how they did it. To be able to raise enough food to survive. Between the varmints, snakes, bugs and weather it is a tough job. They must of know tricks and ways to beat these obstacles. I would like to know a few of them.
I did get a suggestion on how to put up a greater defence around my veggie patch. It was one of those
DUH !!! moments. Cliff suggested that I put up some small holed chicken wire around the bottom of the fence. Like I should of thought of that. Oh well, I guess we all have a lapse in smart thinking.
Till next time

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