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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update on Laundry soap

I forgot to mention yesterday something about this soap. It is safe for your front loading machine. I have one and because it is a low suds detergent that makes it OK.

There is  a recipe for powder detergent out there and again just google or you could try a website I go to and from there you are linked to other sites, it is  money saving queen.  It is a local site but there are many ideals and recipes you can use anywhere. If you are into saving with coupons that is one of her speciality.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention it works well on your cats. They come out of the dryer just so white and fluffy.
Plus they smell April fresh.

 That is my cat Pete (short for Pistil Pete) He has a thing for jumping into the dryer when I am trying to get the clothes out. Then he'll get in the laundry basket. He doesn't care if you cover him in clothes. Goofy cat  and of course just kidding about washing him. Thou there are times I would like to. He'll go out, find a spot of dirt and roll in it. No longer white, more of a tan color. He reminds me of the chickens  when they take their dust baths.
Till next time

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  1. I had to share your picture and caption with my family! It REALLY made me "LOL"!!

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com


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