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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Red, White & Blue

To celebrate our Independence and it is not going to a barbecue or fireworks. It is just way too hot for me to enjoy being outside unless I was getting wet. So I'm staying in the air conditioning and going to work on a WIP.  This is a thangles promotion they had, where each month for a buck you get enough fabric and the pattern to make the center of a block.

The center is a 7" block. Then had to purchase or use stash for the remaining fabric that is used to make the 14"  block. I had 2 - 14" blocks done and  3- 7" centers.
I love the colors and how appropriate for the fourth of July. So my goal is to work on this for the next few days and see what I get done by the end of the holiday.

Hopefully I will have the top done. I haven't decided if I'll make it a full (72" wide x 92" long) or queen (81" wide x 97" long). You want to check out their website it's thangles.com.

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