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Friday, July 29, 2011

In the Veggie Patch

I need to get you up to speed on what's been going on in the garden. Since last week I was mainly trying to catch the groundhog and just keep it all watered.  So really did not have much to report. I did not plant any new crops but did harvest my first batch of pickling cucumbers
Just beautiful
Ever since than I have been picking every other day. I going to make and can some lime pickles. The plants are looking good.
They are in front of picture and the Okra are the shorter plants behind the cucumbers. Right now all I have are some good looking Okra plants, no blooms. You can not see the Eggplants behind the Okra, boy are they loaded with eggplants. Should be ready probably next week.

The groundhog did not like those crops, plus he did not like the Peppers and Purple Hull Peas.

Peppers, 3 different varieties.

Purple Hull Peas

The Purple Hull Peas are starting to bloom.

Now the Sweet Potatoes are starting to grow back. Mr Groundhog oh so liked the Sweet Potatoes along with the Green Beans and Sunflowers.

              Sweet Potatoes  

The Green Beans are blooming and the Sunflowers are still growing and some are forming flower heads.  The picture on the left you can see them growing down the middle of the bed. Some still have their stalks intact, where as some had been broken but are still fighting to stay alive. I think it is just amazing.

See the one on the right, stalk is broke.

Today I did get another bed of Green Beans planted and some Butternut Squash.

And I am still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. It is a problem for many gardeners because of these hot temp and not cooling down enough at night, so they are not getting tomatoes. Not sure why my plants have been setting. The only thing I can think of is that I planted mine close together and they are very dense plants, so maybe being self shading is helping.

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