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Friday, July 8, 2011


Cottontail company

 Postings from the war room.
I believe I'm fighting more that one company of varmints.
I know of the groundhog company. But after reading about  groundhogs  behavior, I took notice a section with pictures of damage done to green beans. 
They looked just like mine.
It was not done by groundhogs thou, but was an example of what those cute, little adorable cottontail rabbits can do.
Now I'm fighting a detachment of bunnies.
My new plan of defence is to fill in all gaps around the fence, no matter how small.
If that doesn't work I might have to invest in heavy artillery. A DOG.  But I do not think the man of the place will go for that. But it would work. I already know what kind of dog I want. I just love Basset Hounds. So sweet of a dog.
I'll keep you posted.

                                                        Till next time

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