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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Goodbye there Mr. Groundhog

photo courtesy of website c.tadst.com

I just love this picture, he is waving goodbye.  OK, so I taken some liberties, my groundhog wasn't really waving at me. I should say that he was very unhappy with me.

It has been a big, no biggest challenge I have had to deal with in the garden in quite a few years.

Now the heat is one thing but this groundhog. Well, you know he is very good at what he does. 


I put my live trap in the garden in a couple of different spots, no luck. Then I put it by his hole, no luck.
Then I took the hose, stuck it down his hole and thought I would flood him out. I must of ran that water for 40 minutes and it never overflowed. Heaven knows how deep that hole went. So I tried the trap one more time in the garden.

Well I am so happy to say that he will not be eating out of my garden no more. It took some persistence on my part but  it paid off.

But I need to let you know that each time I set the trap I did get something, just not the groundhog.  I had trapped 3 of the coons we had killing my chickens, They were  relocated to somewhere near the river

They are so cute, but can be very mean. I know I would not want to go one on one with it.

Beside the coons,  I also had one of my chickens get caught in the live trap.
I was so happy when I found the groundhog. Did not have my camera with me so I have no picture

I so happy to say, he's been relocated to a good place.
( I must be happy, I wrote it 3x's)

Till next time


  1. I hope you took him on a very long ride where he won't torment anyone else. I applaud your persistence. We gave up gardening after a season of fighting bunnies and a groundhog. Farmer's Market is so much easier!

  2. Hurrah!! To paraphrase The Wizard of Oz..."ding dong the groundhog is....relocated..."


  3. I'm glad you took the time to relocate the critters. I cannot say I would have been so kind.
    Although, I did trap a skunk once, but that's a long story...


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