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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dish Drainer Quilt

I get this magazine called Mary Janes Farm. Maybe you have seen it. It has some really neat ideals. This one was in the June-July 2011 issue. It's on pg. 74. I have seen others sort of like this one before. And I just had to make this one. Got so anxious to make it that I did not take pictures while making it. I'm sorry. But I'll try my best to write how I did mine. I did make mine a little bigger. I used fat quarters, (18 x 22) instead of the 17 x 19 suggested. I figure we all have fat quarters and not sure what the heck we are going to do with them. This is a good project just for them. You will need some poly batting (fusible) and fairly thin. That way it's not too thick so your glasses and such will not become unbalanced. That needs to be the same size of your fabric.
Then for the ruffle you'll need about a 1/3 of a yards of some coordinating fabric. You need to cut 3 or 4 strips 3.5" WOF. It just depends on how much ruffle you like. I used just 3 strips.
1. Need to round the corners of all 3 layers (top, batting & back). Fuse the batting to wrong side of one of the pieces of fabric.
2 With ruffle cut sew each strip to the next to form continuous piece. Then sew the two end together. this will make a round band.
3. Fold the ruffle wrong side together and press. Then baste the ruffle about 1/4 from the raw edge .
4. Gather the ruffle and place it on the piece with the fused batt  on it. Evenly space the gathers and pin (see 4 fig)
                                                  Then sew ruffle in place to keep it to stay.

5 Then place the right side down (fig 5)of the other piece of fabric, pin and stitch. Leave an opening  on one  of the sides so you can turn the quilt inside out. Slip stitch the opening closed.
6 Top stitch around the edge of quilt about a 1/4" from ruffle.
 Whoa-la It's done.

Just too cute.   I see future Christmas project. Have fun making yours.
Till next time

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