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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My cat Buddy or as the man of the place calls him "shankopotamus"
What is it with cats and quilters. Buddy is taking his nap on a block I was working on. I left just for a few minutes.
This is not the first time. He looked just too peaceful for me to move him but I did.
 I had to finish it.

Yesterday at a guild meeting, one of the members  Barbara E. was talking about herself and said she was a "blocker'
Went onto describe what a "blocker" was. This a  person who likes to  figure out how to make a block and then figures she is done with that quilt

Then there is the "topper". This is a person who likes to make the top and then figures she is done with that quilt.
Maybe will pass it on to get quilted.

Then there is the "quilter".  She goes all the way.  Makes the blocks, puts it together and gets it quilted.

What kind of quilter are you?

update on operation groundhog.

Nothing positive to report, set the live trap with cantaloupe
did not catch him. He did have a nice lunch of red cabbage. He is teasing me.

If your keeping track of successful attacks.

Groundhog   6               Gardener    pitiful  0 ( not from lack of trying, just
                                                                           out witted by a 4-legged fur ball) 

This is getting down right embarassing.

Till next time


  1. I'm mostly a Fabric-er. Once I figure out the color scheme and find the perfect fabrics it's pretty much done. I have many "quilts" on my shelves! Lately there has been a surprising turn of events and I seem to be leaning towards becoming a Quilter. Only time will tell!

  2. Funny post! Sadly I'm all three. I don't have a groundhog in my garden but I spotted deer tracks. It's frustrating for sure!! My money is on you though!

  3. LOL! I am like Heidi...I have shades of all three types of quilters in me!!

    PS: Shankopotamus is too cute...but it is hard to move a sleeping cat. I don't know why...I guess because they look so relaxed and peaceful.



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