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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's growing in the veggie patch

One of the things I love about vegetable gardening is that each year there is always new challenges and something new to learn. Whether its a new type of vegetable or the weather. Then there are the bugs and critters. 
Well this week in the garden has been good and bad at the same time. The plants that are established are going well. But being so hot the tomatoes has not set, but the plants look great.

It looks like there is no relief from the heat in the near future. The seeds I sowed last week, only half of the Swiss Chard is up but none of the lettuce did make it. I think I'll start some more in pots on the back porch and then transplant them. I think they would have a better chance. The purple hull peas came up.
purple hull peas
Green beans

They look real healthy.                                           But the beans don't, something is eating them
First I thought is was a rabbit cause I have been seeing one around outside the garden.

But then this morning when I was watering I noticed this hole in the
ground next to the blueberry bed.

This is the next spot to clean up, next to the blueberries
 This is in an area that is next on my list to clean up. Besides being ugly and overgrown, it is a safe harbor for critters like groundhogs. It is what is eating the veggies. I did not plant these veggies for the critters. Did not see any life in the hole, probably scared it away. But I bet it will be back, it is a free  meal .

So to make sure this hole was was not occupied I put a hose down and filled it with water. Nothing came out, so it must of left but not long ago.

Before clean-up
 What I was able to get done this week was clean up one of the boxes. It is one of the 4 x 18 and it is on the west side of the green beans. It had really got away from me and was grossly overgrown.

After clean-up
I think I'll put in another crop of green beans. I did not can enough green beans last year. We had already ran out of canned green beans.

Seed Sowed;

What's growing;
Potato    cabbage           
tomato    purple hull peas
onion      sweet potato
peppers  eggplant
broccoli  okra
swiss chard



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